Just Rankin’ Sh!t

5 Slang Terms White People Finally Read the Room and Stopped Using, Ranked

Y’all really want to be allies? Dead these for good.

5. “Hot girl summer”

We’re all for empowerment anthems, but by this point we’ve heard this phrase get shouted by so many roving packs of Aperol spritzed-out Beckys that we need Meg to issue a disclaimer.

4. “My guy”

Years! We had this one for years. Then Desus and Mero blew up — and the blast radius took this one all the way to Media Twitter. Pour a little out, y’all.

3. “Bop”

Okay, Caucasian friends: For future reference, when you’re looking for a word to paste over a Spotify link on your IG stories, please just… don’t.

2. “Slap”

Here’s what slaps: Bay Area hip-hop. That’s it. Here are things that don’t actually slap, but we’ve seen described as slapping on Twitter: zucchini muffins. A biography of Emily Dickinson. Reiki. Mac Dre didn’t die for this.

1. “Back on my bullshit”

We would’ve thought this was self-evident, but for the record: making hummus does not give you license to say this. That is not what it is for. No, not even if the hummus slaps — oh, great, now you’ve got us doing it too.

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