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5 More Superheroes Black Women Should Play, Ranked

CW’s new Batwoman could be just the beginning

Photo: Jacopo Raule/Getty Images/Marvel

5. She-Hulk

We know Marvel’s got a show cooking for Disney+, and the character’s backstory makes casting wide open. Jennifer Walters, who becomes She-Hulk after a blood transfusion from Bruce Banner, could be anyone — though she should probably stay his cousin, lest “Hulk smash!” takes on uncomfortable new meaning.

4. Kate Bishop/Hawkeye

Just like in the comics, Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye seems set to pass the mantle to sharpshooter Bishop in another Disney+ show set for 2022 — and if anyone’s on point at all times, it’s a Black woman. Give her a blue nose puppy to play Pizza Dog, and we’re looking at Power-level ratings in Black households.

3. Jean Grey

Now that the X-Men are finally coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, may we suggest a long-overdue change for the beloved mutant crew? Janelle Monáe wants to play Storm, which we’re all in on, but Storm is already a Black woman. Let’s double down and make hugely powerful telepath Grey one as well.

2. Moon Knight

If the Marvel universe has a Batman equivalent, it’s Moon Knight — but there’s no reason the multiple-personality-having vigilante has to be the alias of an ex-mercenary named Marc Spector. Why not Marcia? Add in the opportunity to dig into the character’s longstanding mental health issues, and you’ve got a mix of action and acting that Regina King could sink her formidable chops into for the 2022 Disney+ series. (Yes, another Disney+ series. Corporate synergy is a hell of a drug!)

1. Sue Storm/Invisible Woman

White women, you’ve had your chance. Twice. Jessica Alba couldn’t leave a mark in those two early-2000s Fantastic Four movies, and Kate Mara was equally forgettable in Josh Trank’s joyless 2015 version. Given the fact that Trank reportedly fought (to no avail) to cast a Black woman when the property belonged to Fox, we’re thinking that Disney can make things right when the FF finally comes to the MCU — which could conceivably happen as early as Black Panther 2 in 2022. Damn, now we’re wishing we’d suggested recasting Scarlet Witch, just so we could say “Black Wanda forever.”

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