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The Ultimate Guide to Black Men’s Hair

4 Steps to a Perfect Head Shave

Chrome that dome and stay nick-free, word to Mariah

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2 min readMay 4, 2020


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Lather up

You definitely want a good-quality shave cream, but rubbing in a little pre-shave oil before the real stuff goes on primes your scalp and softens the stubble. Think of it as pregaming for a better party.

Study the blade

Balding clippers are a no-risk way to try the look — and clippers in general are a necessity if it’s your first time — but for true closeness, opt for a multi-bladed safety razor. The more blades, the fewer the swipes, and the less chance for irritation. (A quality single blade might be better for your face, but when you’re dealing with that much more real estate, opt for efficiency.)



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